1 Day in Monterey: Behold the 17-Mile Drive and More

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Discover the coastal charm of Pacific Grove and embark on the iconic 17-Mile Drive. Here’s your ultimate guide to an unforgettable day in Monterey.


You’ve probably heard about the scenic California coast, but nothing quite captures its essence like the Monterey Peninsula. Home to Pacific Grove and the iconic 17-Mile Drive, this area offers a blend of picturesque landscapes, exclusive neighborhoods, and jaw-dropping coastal views. It’s a must-visit, and here’s everything you need to know.


Morning: Uncover Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove: Affectionately known as “Butterfly Town, USA,” Pacific Grove captivates with its Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, historic Point Pinos Lighthouse, Lovers Point Park, and charming downtown filled with unique shops and galleries.

Breakfast with a View: Start your day at a cozy café overlooking the ocean.


Midday: The Iconic 17-Mile Drive

What is the 17-Mile Drive? The 17-Mile Drive is a famous scenic route that meanders through Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach in California. Stretching over 17 miles (hence the name), it’s renowned for its coastal views, lush golf courses, and landmarks like the Lone Cypress.

Where to Start and What to Expect You can enter the 17-Mile Drive through one of five gates, with the most popular being the main gate at Highway 68 in Pacific Grove.

  • The Toll: There is a small entrance fee, often reimbursed at Pebble Beach resorts.

  • The Route: Just follow the red-dashed line, and you’ll be guided through a magical coastal journey. Grab a guide map at the gate!

Key Stops and Highlights

  • Spanish Bay: Perfect to watch the waves and sunset.

  • The Lone Cypress: A famous tree standing alone on a granite hillside.

  • Pebble Beach Golf Links: Spectacular, even for non-golfers.

  • Bird Rock and Cypress Point Lookout: Home to marine birds and breathtaking views.

Tips for Your Drive

  • Take Your Time: Plan a few hours to enjoy the scenery.

  • Check the Weather: Clear days are best.

  • Bring a Picnic: Enjoy a meal with nature as your backdrop.


Evening: Sunset and Dining

Sunset at Asilomar Beach: Return to Pacific Grove for an incredible sunset.

Dinner in Pacific Grove or Monterey: Savor fresh seafood or local fare.


Monterey, encompassing the charms of Pacific Grove and the iconic 17-Mile Drive, promises a day filled with enchanting beauty, coastal wonders, and moments to treasure. From the iconic Lone Cypress to the quaint streets of Pacific Grove, every twist and turn offers a new memory to cherish. Dive into the heart of California’s central coast and let Monterey’s magic captivate your soul. Your perfect Monterey day is just a horizon away.

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