Easy Hikes in Santa Barbara: Perfect for Beginners

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Santa Barbara is not just for the seasoned hikers; it’s a paradise for those looking for more gentle trails. Here’s a glimpse of some easy hikes that you can enjoy.

1. Douglas Family Preserve

Difficulty: Easy Distance: 2 miles loop

A beautiful coastal walk awaits you at the Douglas Family Preserve. With gentle slopes and well-maintained paths, this loop offers stunning ocean views, and it’s a perfect hike for families, even those with younger children. Don’t forget to bring your dog along!

2. Ellwood Mesa Trail

Difficulty: Easy Distance: 3 miles round trip

Explore the breathtaking bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean on this easy and flat trail. The path winds through the Ellwood Butterfly Preserve, so be sure to visit during the winter months to witness thousands of Monarch butterflies.


3. Andree Clark Bird Refuge

Difficulty: Easy Distance: 1 mile loop

Nature enthusiasts will love this tranquil walk around the bird refuge. With interpretative signs and spotting scopes, it’s an educational and peaceful hike suitable for all ages.

4. Lake Los Carneros

Difficulty: Easy Distance: 2 miles round trip


Lake Los Carneros offers a serene hike around a beautiful lake, featuring wooden bridges and opportunities for birdwatching. It’s a great option for a relaxing stroll in nature.

Final Thoughts: 

From casual strolls along the coast to leisurely loops around lakes and bird refuges, Santa Barbara’s easy hikes are just as delightful as their more challenging counterparts. These trails offer something for everyone, ensuring that your trip to Santa Barbara is filled with natural beauty and enjoyable exploration.

Don’t miss out on these simple pleasures that make Santa Barbara a favorite destination for hikers of all levels!

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