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Hey, fellow adventurers! As a lifelong Californian and Santa Cruz aficionado, I can’t wait to share some of my favorite local secrets. If you’re hunting for some memorable yet budget-friendly free things to do in Santa Cruz, you’re in the right place. There are plenty of free things to do in Santa Cruz that offer a mix of nature, culture, and pure fun.


Breathe in the Ocean Air and Marvel at Nature’s Beauty

West Cliff Drive and Steamer Lane Overlook, Santa Cruz

West Cliff, Santa Cruz, California

This 3-mile scenic drive is more than just a road. You can wander along the pedestrian pathway, taking in the Pacific’s vast expanse. At Steamer Lane, grab a spot and watch surfers tackle the waves with gusto. Sunset views here? Absolutely unbeatable.


Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

Surfing Museum, Santa Cruz, California

Nestled in the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse, this museum is a tribute to a century of surfing culture in Santa Cruz. With displays of vintage boards and tales of legendary surfers, you’ll get a crash course in wave-riding history – all for free!


Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz

Natural Bridges State Beach Santa Cruz, California

This is not just any beach; it’s a haven for the monarch butterfly. Visit between October and early February to witness thousands of these orange beauties clustering in eucalyptus trees. The natural sea arch standing tall in the water adds to the ethereal beauty of this place.

Explore the Vibrant Pulse of the City, One Step at a Time

Downtown Santa Cruz:

downtown Santa Cruz, California at night

Every nook and cranny here oozes charm. Admire eclectic street art, enjoy spontaneous performances, and if you’re around on a Wednesday, the ‘Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market’ is a vibrant spectacle of colors and flavors.


UC Santa Cruz Arboretum & Botanic Garden:

UC Santa Cruz, California

This is a plant lover’s dream. Wander among unique plants from Mediterranean climates and be amazed by the ancient and bizarre-looking Australian plants. The entry is donation-based, making it accessible to everyone.


Free Events and Festivals:

Santa Cruz buzzes with events year-round. Check out local listings for free outdoor concerts, art walks, film screenings, and more. The First Friday art walks, for instance, allow you to gallery-hop without spending a dime.

 Delve Deeper and Sync with the City’s Soul

Tannery Arts Center:

It’s more than just an art center; it’s a movement. With artist residencies, galleries, and workshops, the Tannery often opens its doors for free community events, letting you experience the city’s artistic heartbeat.

 Santa Cruz Wharf:



The beauty of the wharf is its blend of natural splendor and lively activity. The underbelly often hosts lounging sea lions, a delightful sight! Plus, you can grab a bench and enjoy some of the best sea views around.

 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk:

Santa Cruz, California Beach Boardwalk

While the rides and games have their prices, wandering the iconic boardwalk is absolutely free. Feel the vintage vibes, soak in the ocean views, and don’t forget to dip your toes in the sandy beach just steps away.


By now, I hope you’re as excited about Santa Cruz as I always am. Remember, experiencing the true essence of a place doesn’t always come with a price tag. With so many free things to do in Santa Cruz, your trip is bound to be both memorable and budget-friendly. Safe travels and hope to bump into you on one of these adventures!

Santa Cruz, California Beach Boardwalk


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