Tips on How to Avoid Long Lines at Disneyland

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Hey there, fellow traveler! πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ As a California native and having lived in this golden state all my life, I’ve had the immense privilege of witnessing its beauty unfold in every nook and cranny. From the sun-kissed beaches to the towering redwoods, there’s so much to love about California. But if there’s one question I get asked time and time again by vacationers heading our way, it’s how to avoid long lines at Disneyland. Ah, Disneyland β€” our cherished gem! Let’s dive into some top tips for making the most out of your Disneyland experience without wasting precious vacation time in queues.


1. Plan Your Visit During Off-Peak Times

If you want to know the first secret on how to avoid long lines at Disneyland, it’s timing. Most seasoned visitors will agree that weekdays, especially Tuesday to Thursday, tend to be less crowded. If you can, avoid holidays and school vacation times, as these are peak periods.

2. Invest in the Genie+ Service

Disney introduced the Genie+ service as a replacement for the old FastPass system. For a fee, this service allows you to book access to certain attractions, minimizing wait times. It’s a small price to pay for the convenience!

3. Get There Early


The early bird not only gets the worm but also shorter lines at popular rides! Aim to be there right when the park opens. The first few hours are golden for hitting up top attractions before the masses arrive.

4. Use the Disneyland App

Modern problems require modern solutions! Download the official Disneyland app. It’s packed with real-time info on wait times, available dining options, character meet-and-greet locations, and more. By keeping an eye on wait times, you can adjust your plans on-the-fly, ensuring you’re always in the shortest lines.

5. Stay On-Site

Guests staying at one of Disneyland’s official hotels often get β€œExtra Magic Hours.” This means early entry to the park before it opens to the general public. Fewer people = shorter lines!

6. Single Rider Lines

If you’re flexible and don’t mind splitting up your group for a bit, several attractions offer Single Rider lines. These typically move much faster than the regular lines.

Wrapping up, my sun-chasing friend, Disneyland truly is one of California’s brightest stars, offering a dose of magic to every visitor. Remember, it’s not about rushing from one ride to the next but savoring each moment. And now that you’re armed with insider tips on how to avoid long lines at Disneyland, you’re all set to create those magical memories. Safe travels and see you in the sunshine state! 🌟🎒🌴

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