How to Spend One-Day in Big Sur: Ultimate Experience

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Hey there, fellow travelers! As a California native who’s been blessed to live in this golden state all my life, I’ve explored every nook and cranny from the sun-kissed beaches to the majestic forests. But if there’s one place I’ve found truly breathtaking, it’s Big Sur. Ah, Big Sur, a coastal gem that captivates the soul. If you’re wondering “How to Spend One-Day in Big Sur”, you’ve come to the right influencer. Dive into my tried-and-tested itinerary to make the most of this Pacific treasure.


Morning: Sunrise at Bixby Creek Bridge

Big Sur Bixby Bridge

 Start your day early. Trust me, catching the sunrise at Bixby Creek Bridge is an experience you’ll cherish forever. The iconic bridge stands as a testament to human ingenuity, and the morning sun casting golden hues over the vast Pacific is simply enchanting. A great spot for those Instagram-worthy snaps!

Breakfast: Big Sur Bakery Once the sun’s up, head over to Big Sur Bakery. A local favorite, you’ll be treated to fresh pastries and robust coffee, giving you the energy for the day ahead. Their rustic charm perfectly captures the essence of Big Sur.

Mid-Morning: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park 

Post-breakfast, gear up for a visit to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The McWay Falls, an 80-foot waterfall that cascades into the ocean, is the park’s crown jewel. Remember to stick to designated paths and leave no trace. Our Californian nature deserves the utmost respect.

Lunch: Nepenthe When your stomach starts growling, make your way to Nepenthe. This cliffside restaurant offers not just delectable dishes but panoramic views of the coastline. Their famous Ambrosia Burger is a must-try!


Afternoon: Garrapata State Park

Big Sur Garrapata State Park Sunrise Sunset

 Post-lunch, explore the Garrapata State Park. Wander through diverse terrains, from coastal beaches to redwood groves. The dynamic landscape perfectly embodies the spirit of Big Sur.


Evening: Pfeiffer Beach

Big Sur Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

 As the day winds down, Pfeiffer Beach is your evening paradise. Famous for its purple sand and iconic rock formations, it’s an ideal place to relax, reflect, and capture more stunning photos.

Dinner: Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn End your day at Deetjen’s. Set in a historic building, this cozy inn offers mouthwatering Californian cuisine in a vintage setting. Their candle-lit rooms only add to the ambiance.

Night: Star Gazing

How to Spend One-Day in Big Sur and not gaze at its pristine night sky? The minimal light pollution makes Big Sur a dream for stargazers. Lie down, and let the celestial wonders above wash over you.

Wrap-Up From sunrise to stars, spending a day in Big Sur promises memories that’ll last a lifetime. As you traverse this coastal wonder, remember to travel responsibly and soak in every moment. And the next time someone asks you, “How to Spend One-Day in Big Sur?” just pass on the love and share this itinerary!

Until next time, keep exploring and stay golden, California dreamers! 🌅🌲🌊

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