Is Long Beach Worth Visiting? 5 Reasons It’s a Golden State Gem

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Uncover the allure of Long Beach, where coastal beauty meets urban excitement.


Hello fellow travel enthusiasts!

As a California native, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing everything this golden state has to offer. From the foggy allure of San Francisco to the Hollywood glamour of Los Angeles, each city has its own special charm. But today, I want to highlight a somewhat underrated spot – Long Beach. So, is Long Beach worth visiting? Absolutely! Let me share why.


1. Eclectic Waterfront Districts

pine avenue pier in long beach

The picturesque waterfront and bustling marina of Long Beach are something to behold. The quaint shopping areas, with their blend of unique boutiques and cozy eateries, will give you that quintessential California vibe. Stroll along the Pine Avenue Pier, and don’t forget to grab a bite at the waterfront restaurants while watching the sun melt into the Pacific.

2. The Queen Mary: A Voyage into History 

queen mary long beach

Long Beach is home to the iconic Queen Mary, an ocean liner turned hotel and museum. Even if you don’t stay the night, it’s worth touring this historic ship. Dive into tales of World War II, ghostly encounters, and the golden age of sea travel. The panoramic views of the harbor from the ship’s deck are just the cherry on top!

3. Aquarium of the Pacific: Dive Deep without Getting Wet

long beach aquarium of the pacific

For those who want to understand the rich marine life of the Pacific without donning a diving suit, the Aquarium of the Pacific is your go-to. It houses more than 11,000 animals in over 50 exhibits. Whether you’re watching playful sea otters or learning about the mysteries of the deep, it’s both entertaining and educational.

4. Vibrant Arts & Cultural Scene

Long Beach boasts a rich tapestry of culture and arts. From the Museum of Latin American Art to the many street murals scattered around the city, there’s always something to catch the eye. The monthly Art Walk is a must-visit for those interested in local talent and artisan crafts.


5. Outdoor Adventures Galore

beach in long beach at sunrise with buildings in the background

Whether you’re a fan of kayaking, biking, or simply laying on the beach with a good book, Long Beach has it all. Explore the Naples Canals on a gondola or rent a paddleboard and glide through the calm waters of Alamitos Bay.

To Conclude…

Long Beach isn’t just a pit stop on the way to LA or Orange County; it’s a destination in its own right. Its blend of history, nature, art, and coastal beauty makes it a truly special place. As someone who’s lived in California my whole life, I can confidently say Long Beach has a unique charm that’s definitely worth your time.

So, pack your bags, and come see what all the fuss is about. The golden sands of Long Beach are calling!

Hope you found this guide helpful! If you’ve been to Long Beach or are planning to visit, drop a comment below. Safe travels and catch you in the next California adventure!

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