Natural Hot Springs in Palm Springs: Myth or Reality?

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So you’ve set your heart on soaking in a natural hot spring in the midst of Palm Springs? Well, there’s a little twist. While Palm Springs is famous for its geothermal wonders, the city doesn’t feature any completely natural hot springs.

But all’s not lost.  While the city may not have completely natural wild springs at its doorstep, its neighboring areas do offer enticing alternatives. 


Natural Hot Springs Near Palm Springs


1. Deep Creek Hot Springs

  • Location: San Bernardino National Forest

  • Distance from Palm Springs: Approximately 80 miles

  • Approximate Drive Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Venture a bit to discover the magic of Deep Creek. It’s serene, untouched, and promises multiple pools of varying temperatures.


2. Agua Caliente Hot Springs (Click to see more images and Book Now)

  • Location: Agua Caliente County Park

  • Distance from Palm Springs: Approximately 70 miles

  • Approximate Drive Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Closer to Palm Springs, Agua Caliente offers a desert retreat with naturally-fed pools, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Stepping Closer to Palm Springs

While the untouched allure of natural is undeniable, sometimes, you might be seeking something closer with a touch of luxury.  Among the numerous hot spring resorts near Palm Springs, there’s one that has garnered significant attention:

1. Two Bunch Palms Resort (Click to see more Images & Book Now)

  • Location: Desert Hot Springs

  • Distance from Palm Springs: 12 miles

  • Approximate Drive Time: 20 minutes

Though not a wild spring, Two Bunch Palms boasts therapeutic mineral waters amid a serene palm grove. The resort setting 

While not a wild spring, Two Bunch Palms offers genuine therapeutic mineral waters in a serene palm grove. The resort not only provided a luxurious setting but ensures an experience that’s been cherished by many over the years.  With its top-notch services and spa treatments, it’s our recommendation if you’re looking for a rejuvenating getaway closer to Palm Springs.

Final Thoughts…

While Palm Springs might not have untouched natural springs within its confines, it’s still a beacon to nearby geothermal treasures. Whether you’re leaning towards a pristine natural experience or the pampering of a renowned resort, the desert region promises relaxation and rejuvenation.


Always remember to respect the environment and check ahead for reservations and any advisories. Dive into the desert’s warmth and enjoy your therapeutic retreat! 🌵🌞

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