Top Romantic Things To Do in Oakland: California Dreaming

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California, my lifelong home and the land of boundless beauty and adventure. Dive in with me as we explore Oakland, a hidden gem with romantic spots that rival any Californian city. For those in search of romantic things to do in Oakland, your journey of love and discovery starts here.


Sunset Strolls by Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt, oakland, California

Nothing says romance like a peaceful stroll by Lake Merritt. As the day fades, the sky lights up, casting mesmerizing reflections on the water. Pick up a refreshing drink from a nearby café, and let nature set the perfect romantic tone for your evening.

The Heartbeat of Jack London Square

Jack London Square is a treasure trove for couples. Let’s delve into its romantic offerings:

  • Yoshi’s: A renowned jazz and supper club, Yoshi’s brings to life an enchanting blend of music and culinary delights. Feel the rhythm of love as you dine and dance the night away.

  • The Plank: This isn’t just any entertainment venue. The Plank offers a delightful mix of bowling, bocce, and a beer garden where you can challenge each other to fun games or simply enjoy the vibe with a drink in hand.

  • The Terrace Room: If you’re after a dining experience that combines classic charm with stunning views, The Terrace Room is your spot. Overlooking Lake Merritt, this vintage establishment often features live music, adding an extra layer of romance to your evening.


Nature’s Embrace at Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland California

Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Redwood Regional Park offers couples a serene escape. Wander the trails hand-in-hand, surrounded by the grandeur of towering redwood trees. It’s nature’s own way of reminding us of the vastness and beauty of love.

Wrapping it up: 


While it may not always make the top of the tourist lists, Oakland is a city bursting with romantic potential. From its serene natural spots to its bustling urban offerings, there are countless romantic things to do in Oakland. Here’s to unforgettable memories in this Californian gem!

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