Santa Monica’s Top Pet Friendly Beaches

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Discover the best spots for a tail-wagging beach day.

Hello, sun-chasers and beach enthusiasts! 🌴

Living and breathing the Cali vibes, I’ve ventured through many sandy shores and watched countless pups dive into the waves. If you’re on the lookout for places near Santa Monica where the fur-babies can sprint freely, I’ve got the perfect list for you. Let’s start with those fabulous off-leash spots!


Rosie’s Dog Beach


The gem of Long Beach.

Did you know Rosie’s is the only legal off-leash dog beach in L.A. County? Covering four beautiful acres, it’s a puppy paradise. However, the off-leash hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Always check in case of seasonal adjustments.

Friendly tip: The beach is often quieter on weekdays – a perfect escape from the hustle!

Huntington Dog Beach


Where joy is measured in paw prints.

This beach offers miles for dogs to play and explore. If the sight of dogs frolicking in the surf warms your heart, this place is your go-to!

Friendly tip: Weekday mornings offer a tranquil atmosphere compared to bustling weekends.


Hermitage Dog Beach

A fenced delight near Santa Monica.

Just a hop away from Santa Monica, Hermitage Dog Beach provides a secure area for dogs to play their heart out, without any leash hindrance.

Friendly tip: With disposal stations around, let’s ensure a clean beach after our visits.


Honorable Mentions:

brown and white sign that says leashes required

Dogs are welcome at these gorgeous beaches, but remember to keep them on a leash:


1. Santa Monica Beach – South of the Pier

santa monica sunrise-sunset

A picturesque setting for a peaceful walk.

The beauty of this spot is undeniable, and while leashes are mandatory, the charm remains intact. The shimmering water and soft sand underfoot make every step worthwhile.

Friendly tip: Opt for sunrise or sunset to enjoy a quieter and more scenic experience.

2. Will Rogers State Beach

Experience tranquility with every step.

A stone’s throw from Santa Monica, this beach promises serene views and a perfect spot for a long, reflective walk with your leashed furry friend.

Friendly tip: Visiting during the week often means fewer people and more space to enjoy.


Beach Day Checklist:

dog on the beach with water bowl

For the perfect outing, always remember:

  • Fresh Water & Bowl: Beach outings can get thirsty!

  • Shade & Towel: Comfort is paramount.

  • Toys: Nothing like a game of fetch by the waves.

  • Leash & Waste Bags: Together, let’s keep our beaches pristine.

Signing Off

The beaches near Santa Monica, whether off-leash paradises or serene leashed havens, promise a delightful time. Whether you’re a pet owner or just someone who loves watching pups play, these spots won’t disappoint.

Here’s to sun, sand, and delightful doggy days! Until our next beachy guide. 🌊

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