Things to do with Kids in Oakland: Family Fun Awaits!

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Experience the Golden State’s Hidden Gem: Discovering Oakland’s Most Kid-friendly Attractions


Hey there, fellow explorers! 🌴 If you’re anything like me, a proud California native, you’re always on the lookout for the next great adventure, especially when family’s involved. And guess what? If you’re scouring for “things to do with kids in Oakland,” you’ve hit the jackpot. Oakland is this sun-kissed, vibrant corner of California that’s teeming with activities for the little ones (and the young at heart). Let’s dive into what makes Oakland the perfect family getaway.

1. Fairy Tale Town
Every child’s fantasy comes alive at Fairy Tale Town! Wander through playsets of classic fairy tales and introduce the magic of stories to the kiddos. This place is a must for every family’s list of things to do with kids in Oakland.

Oakland Zoo, California

Roaring lions, playful otters, and sky-soaring birds of prey – the Oakland Zoo offers a captivating day out. The newly opened California Trail offers glimpses into the state’s native wildlife and habitats. Plus, the aerial gondola provides stunning views of the Bay Area.


3. Children’s Fairyland

Fairyland, Oakland, California

Before Disneyland, there was Children’s Fairyland. It’s a magical 10-acre park that’s been enchanting families since the 1950s. With storybook sets, gentle rides, and puppet shows, it’s genuinely one of those heartwarming things to do with kids in Oakland.

4. Adventure Playground
Feeling creative? Adventure Playground isn’t just any playground. Here, kids can build, paint, and craft their unique play spaces. With tools, recyclable materials, and a burst of imagination, the sky’s the limit!


5. Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt, California

Nestled right in the heart of Oakland, Lake Merritt is a picturesque urban sanctuary. Rent a paddle boat, feed the ducks, or just stroll around its shimmering waters. The nearby Lakeside Park also has a fantastic playground to burn off that endless kiddo energy.


6. Chabot Space and Science Center

Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, California

Gaze at the stars and ignite the spark of curiosity. With interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and a giant screen theater, this is a haven for budding astronauts and scientists.


7. Fenton’s Creamery

Fenton's Creamery, Piedmont, California

Okay, a little personal touch here – Fentons Creamery is, hands down, THE best place to go for ice cream. Though technically in Piedmont, it’s surrounded by Oakland, so you’re practically in Oakland anyway. Now, while their sundaes are legendary, let’s not forget about their savory delights. Their chili cheese dogs and crab sandwiches are absolutely to die for. Trust me; you’ll be thanking me later!


In conclusion, Oakland is more than just a city by the Bay – it’s a treasure trove of family fun waiting to be discovered. From imaginative playgrounds to delectable ice cream delights, there’s a diverse range of things to do with kids in Oakland. So pack those bags, grab the sunscreen, and let’s make some Golden State memories together! ☀️🌊

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